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Three delicious flavors, three times the indulgence. Create a lasting impression with friends, family and clients alike.This Sugar Bundle contains a decadent assortment of three flavors of your choice: Small 7 oz bags of gourmet trail mix filled with sweetness and sprinkled in a lot of love!


Choose From Flavors:
Sugar Love: Maple Bacon

Birthday Suit: Birthday Cake

Sugar Baby: Sugar Cookie

Love and War: Cookies and Cream

24kt Sugar: Caramel Toffee

Natural High: Cranberry Granola Almond


All Trail Mixes Contain the following: cane sugar, canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, whole grain rice, whey, food coloring, natural and artificial flavoring.


Also may contain: Wheat, Egg and Tree Nuts.

The Sugar Love Bundle

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