SING.WRITE.PLAY. Once inspired to become a famous singer turned into a young prestigious writer. Langston Hughes was the divine inspiration. All I needed was my imagination accompanied by a ball point pen. Visions would float mid air. I would take that same zeal and add music to my thoughts. For music was a portion of my garden, willing to be watered. Play what I hear and write what I see. 


ACT. Gathered thoughts led to wanting to blurt them aloud on center stage. The curtains would open and they would yell,  "ACTION!" Reciting every word as if it were mine, as if I lived it.  Mind wide open, TWENTY-FOUR. Who am I. 


CREATE. Vast expressions through clothing and then accessories to follow. I AM WHAT I WEAR and everything I eat. Invented gourmet sweets that a colorful personality couldn't pass up. I mean, who wouldn't want to eat maple bacon with waffle cone?! Have some strawberry white chocolate bark sprinkled with crushed candy

UPLIFT. Born a believer to design ANYTHING I choose, in my own way. Certain I can be of enforcement to you. Creativity is the key to our inner ignition. Just drive...

Meet the visionary